Sunday, March 8, 2009

We know who you are and we saw what you did

The political world before the Internet was a world where corrupt leaders could spin the truth about what they were up to and grow fat on the spoils. I have two words for them: The Internet!

The Internet is an alternate and relatively infinite source of information accessible by the masses. Think you have a secret hand shake for your secret society where you can keep inside secrets from the masses and dole out high priced expert knowledge like the stone masons of old? Guess what… someone will put your handshake on the net and we can all see it.

It appears you; our leaders, are a little behind the curve on that reality and don’t realize your actions are now under scrutiny. Yah, we know who you are and we saw what you did! Like little kids who think mommy can’t see you, you cheat while we watch and lie to our faces, fully believing we can’t see what you’ve done. But for that fact alone you should all be swept from office. you are dinosaurs; the information age has passed you by.

Mr. Obama, if there were ever a time in history when our government wanted to foment a tax revolt, it is now. Not only are you forcing people like myself who lived within our means, to buy a fabulous house for someone else, now you are going to extend that order to cover second mortgages; equity withdrawals that went for new swimming pools, fabulous vacations, Hummers, jet skis and the like. All things which I do not own but you are now forcing me to buy for Ass Hats who partied like the credit train would never end.

They couldn’t afford any of it in the first place but the fabulous house they purchased by lying on their mortgage applications allowed them to take out huge equity loans to live like royalty, at least until they couldn’t service the debt anymore. Those irresponsible Ass Hats partied like they were celebrities and lived the ‘Good Life’ while more fiscally responsible types watched and ate oatmeal, safe in the knowledge that that sort of foolishness was bound to end badly.

So now you propose to take away my oatmeal, so those Ass Hats can keep their Hum-Vs, marble countertops and speed boats? Are you out of you fucking mind? And do you really believe we don't know it is all an effort to maintain an income stream for the bankers and corperations who caused this mess?

We fought one revolution for similar reasons, remember? Do you really think it won’t happen again? Do you really think people who saved their money will gladly hand it over to pay for the bad acts of the irresponsible so they can go on living the 'Good Life' at our expense?

Mr. Obama, spit out your gum and pay attention in class, wake up and smell the coffee, hang up and drive, or all of the above. Honest responsible people do not want to live in a country where the lazy and unproductive, the dishonest and irresponsible are rewarded while those of us who know that it will take hard work and saving to become an economically viable nation again are forced against our will to hand over our money to fund the further destruction of our economy. This to keep the Ass Hats in the continued luxury they did not earn.

I am outraged!


Anonymous San Diego Mortgage Guy said...

""So now you propose to take away my oatmeal, so those Ass Hats can keep their Hum-Vs, marble countertops and speed boats? Are you out of you fucking mind?""

:) You just found a reader for life! Thank you :)

Tuesday, December 01, 2009  
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