Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Smashing Capitalism and The Law of Unintended Consequences

Well I’m in Greece and I’m gathering info for a number of posts, but will write on that subject upon my return. Have seen a lot of building projects underway here leading me to assume there was lot’s of speculation. I will post some photos as well.

In the mean time here is an article that can be filed under ‘The Law of Unintended Consequences’.

Global capitalism will survive the current credit crisis; already, the
government has rushed in to soothe the feverish markets. But in the long term, a
system that depends on extracting every last cent from the poor cannot hope for
a healthy prognosis. Who would have thought that foreclosures in Stockton and
Cleveland would roil the markets of London and Shanghai? The poor have risen up and spoken; only it sounds less like a shout of protest than a low, strangled,
cry of pain.

The rest of the article - Smashing Capitalism


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