Tuesday, May 29, 2007

3 pigs stuck in foreclosure home trash it

A man angry that his house is in foreclosure locks three pigs inside to trash the place. Watch the Video

It made the news. I hadn't considered this possibility but think about it. If this catches on it could cause housing market conditions to worsen around the country. Fears are already rising that vacant homes will cause blight in nicer neighborhoods, but if angry homeowners loosing their properties start to engage in this kind of wanton damage, whole neighborhoods could look like bombed out war zones followed closely by the crime that inevitably moves in afterwards.

The largest problem I see is the ‘why didn’t I think of it’ affect that it’s bound to have. I’m sure now that it’s national news many more are going to catch on.

I don’t think jailing the home-wreckers will have much impact either. Three square meals and a bed sound like a pretty good deal to someone who just lost everything including their credit rating.

If this thing spreads it just might have us all crying for a bailout.


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