Monday, April 16, 2007

Subprime blame game

As I pointed out in an earlier post, The Blame Game , the finger pointing is about to begin.

The finger pointing has started early and promises to become even more entertaining.
The entertaining part is the fact that no one really wants to own up to their part in this mess. Like children we will point at the next guy and say he did it. On either side of the transaction however, each party has an obligation to be aware. Claiming to be coaxed down the road to ruin by someone else just won’t wash.

And to the government: A bailout of anyone in this chain reaction cluster f@ck is bad parenting. Let us learn from our mistakes. That goes for bankers too, of all the parties involved they should have known better.
That’s my rant, Vern

This from CNN Money Subprime Blame Game
Some 2.4 million homeowners are in danger of losing their homes, many because of bad subprime loans. Critics are pointing their fingers at who is responsible - here are the main targets.


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