Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Fox News calling for housing recovery this year!

Umm… is it me or did the world change suddenly at the turn of the new-year?
Charles Payne writes in his January 2nd article that there is lots of value in the building sector and homebuilders will race upward in value ahead of a housing market recovery this year.

Maybe everything I read and that I see outside my window is wrong, colored simply by my own world view and my subconscious wish to confirm that view. Or Mr. Payne has information that I and many others do not have access to. Or Mr. Payne is wrong. Statements like this make me question reality.

Any way you slice it it mystifies me…

From: Foxnews.com http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,239540,00.html

"Sure, there will be the continuation of mergers and acquisitions around the world and widespread consolidation will pace the broad market. There is still a ton of value trapped in the market. Speaking of value, although the group has already made a nice move off the bottom, I think homebuilders are going to be huge winners as their share prices race ahead of the eventual housing market recovery. This will happen a lot sooner than the timetable, laid out by the pundits, predicted."


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